Who decides that Shrien Dewani is Guilty?

I am very concerned about the Dewani case. We are certainly not judges (judicial officials) and I don’t see anything that qualifies us to decide that Dewani is guilty of arranging the murder of his wife. We can’t really rely on the word of desperate criminals who could had no problem shooting a person and probably they could have done this sort of thing many times before.

I would like to advise the public to allow the courts to decide if Dewani is really guilty, because honestly I have’nt heard of a single event that could be accepted as a motive. What we hear on the media are only mindless speculations which I doubt could be proven.

I am aware of that my language right now sounds like I am in defence of Dewani, I sure believe that there are always two side of a coin and I am accepting what Dewani has said, which is infact that He is innocent and now we have to allow the authorized bodies to prove whether he is actaully innocent or not.

On the other side, the way that Dewani is acting towards him being extradited to stand trial in South Africa is suspiciuos, which I believe any sane man would want this case over and done with. So if he really believed that he is innocent, he would have agreed to stand trial in South Africa to prove his innocence without any further delay.

What is my point then? Allow the courts to decide whether the man is guilty or not!!!

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