Welcome to Hell

Have you ever wondered as to how it will feel like if you had to find yourself in hell after you have died? Let us take a tour shall we… Don’t mind the screams you’ll get used to them…Not…are you sweating already? We haven’t got to the gate yet. You see all of your life you have been working to come here. Too bad your religion didn’t believe in hell. Don’t you wish you had believed when that guy preached in the street and the one on the radio and many more on the tent crusades? What was that ? You wished you had believed? Oh you haven’t seen anything yet, You are yet to wish you had believed in Jesus, by the way I’m scared of that name, it creeps me out, 2000 years ago He budged in here and took the keys of death and got a lot of prisoners out and my boss was humiliated. Anyway it doesn’t matter now because we managed to get you to spend eternity with us. Well my friend, Welcome to hell, as you can smell the stinking air, many human beings vomit when they first inhale our atmosphere. You know how to swim hey? No, not in the water you idiot in the lake of fire…Haw haw haw. Well, here you are going to be tortured, you’ll scream your lungs out and we won’t care. We know you can scream, you were screaming in your lifetime in night clubs and other party places, you enjoyed exotic drinks,we have our own drinks and they are hot as hell, ha ha ha, “hot as hell” I am bad aren’t I? Watch the worms, they eat anything on their path and they don’t die. Jesus warned you people about the worms but we made sure you won’t listen to him. We know you loved soccer, well you will play soccer here but there is no half time and no full time so you will play even though you know you want to stop but you can’t and won’t stop. That should excite you. Oh the fire here never goes out, we have enough fuel to last us forever. You will wish to die but the thing is you are kind of already dead. These are just a few things I can show and for the rest of hell you have eternity to explore. I have to hurry back I have to collect your friends and your family, yeah and your daughter, do you remember that when you performed your traditional ceremony for her, well you were asking Satan to watch him, so the best place to keep a close eye on her is, of course here, where Satan my boss will end up . Tata Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

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