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Every successful person will tell you that the way to success was not easy. A self-made multi-billionaire will tell you that he had to sleep on the floor for the lack of bed and had to sleep with water in the stomach for the lack of food. The day they decided to get up and effect change in their situation, was the day they began their journey to success. They had to understand that no one will hand success to them, they will have to fight for it. They will have to endure the rain and the frost. They will have to continue pursuing their dream despite many “No’s” they had to hear. They will knock on doors despite countless door that had been slammed on their face before. They were looking for that one yes.

It only takes one “Yes.” The well-known Thomas Edison, who is famous for inventing a light bulb had to face countless times of ridicule and shame having failed thousands of times. What kept him going? He looked for that one time of success. Each time he failed, he was discovering many ways for him not to do it, until he found that one correct way to get the light bulb to work and gave it the value it has had for so many generations.

If the way to success and financial freedom was easy, everyone would be successful and financially independent. This kind of a gift comes only to those who work for it. It looks for those who knock at the doors of life and who never pay attention to a door slammed shut on their face or to a thousand no’s.

1. It Takes A Vision

One who can beat the odds and win the race, is the one who ignores all the negative events which contribute nothing towards achieving his goal. He doesn’t waste energy and other resource to fight things which are beyond his control. He keeps his eyes on the road and keeps the finish line in his mind. He focuses on what he can do. All that it takes is a clear vision. Without a clear vision, he will do much harm to himself and to those around him. In fact the bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.

2. It Takes Persistence

If one is not committed to his cause, he will never be able to reach his desired change. It take persistence. One foot in front of the other, over and over again without fail will get the runner moving closer towards his goal. Somethings requires the “rinse and repeat” method. Just do the same thing over and over again until you see the change. If you are a blogger, keep writing. If you are a podcaster like myself, keep recording those episodes and publish them. If you are a singer, keep singing. The only way to practice for a soccer game, is to play soccer. The only way to get people to read your blog, is to keep writing your blog. The only way to get people watch your videos, is to keep producing those videos. Do it and do it again. That is how we have been able to produce 34 episodes in 34 weeks. We keep publishing one episode, one week at a time. We are aiming at producing 52 episodes. That means, it’s an episode for each week from the 20th December 2018 until the 19th of December 2019.

3. It Takes Endurance

Going at a constant pace is never easy. One gets bored or tired and more often get a strong urge to quite. This is where patience and endurance, come to the forefront. One needs to endure hardship. He needs to do what must be done in order to achieve a desired end. Quitting is never an option. Whoever seeks to win the race, they run despite the pain. They run until the pain stops. They ignore that strong voice in the head that says, it is too difficult just quit.

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