TSDN – 051 How To Know Things

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Ever wondered how some people have so much knowledge and are able to quote so many people? Well, you came to the right place. I am going to show you four things you can do to increase your knowledge and become a walking encyclopedia.


It is important to read. So much information can be accessed by reading. There is host of things one can find and read in the world. Read blog posts, newspapers, books, the bible, pamphlets, street direction signs, etc.


Sometimes read is not enough. You may need to take some time off the books and observe the world. Watch  YouTube videos, documentaries and the news. Sometimes you can learn a lot about people when you happen to be in town. I do it sometimes. Find a safe spot in town and watch people. See how busy they are. Read their facial expressions. You can pick up much about people when you take time and observe them. Watch the insects in the garden. Yes follow that ant trial and learn some wisdom. You may also enjoy watching the cloud movement in the sky


Sometimes, reading and watching may not be enough. Pay attention to your auditory sense. Listen. Listen to podcasts, some radio, people, poetry, reaching, and public lectures. it also pay to admit that there are people who know more than you do. When you realize that, listen to those who know you more than you.


Get out of the house and go meet people and gain perspective. Go and attend seminars, community meeting, social events, and webinars. Find free events and attend them. Learn as much as you can when you can.

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