TSDN – 032 Why Crucify Sphamandla Hlatshwayo

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What an interesting week this has been. We experienced the greatest fight among those who understand the gospel and those who don’t understand it. This was sparked by the video posted on Facebook by Sphamandla Hlatshwayo who was in the night club preaching what he described as the gospel and most bible scholars, including myself, disagree.

An Outcry

Upon the expression of concern towards his methods, there was an outcry from his supporters that the man is being crucified because He didn’t insult people. Of course His supporters are out of line. They fail to understand the argument we bring on the table. It is always a case with most charismatics that when ever there is a heated debate, they get emotional and fail to understand the points which are tabled.

Why Do we Criticize Him?

The fact that were are accusing Sphamandla of tickling people’s ears, does not automatically translate to that he must insult them. We simply put it to him that he must preach the biblical gospel and refrain from entertaining his listeners as if the gospel is not an urgent message to which a soul must swiftly respond lest his life be ruined. The gospel message isn’t complete if it does not persuade men and women to turn from their evil ways and turn to the living God through faith in Jesus Christ.

The gospel is about Jesus Christ

Jesus must be exalted as the only Savior who can bring us to God and who has borne our punishment on the cross at Calvary. The Gospel reveals the righteousness of God and at the same time exposes the inadequacy of human attempt to bring himself into good terms with God. The Bible is clear, we have all sinned against God and we come short of His glory. It is only in Christ that God can justify us while God Himself remains just. Jesus is not just an accessory in our lives. He is our life. A gospel that has no mention of the cross and of Christ, is no gospel at all. And that is what Sphamandla preached in the club. He preached a dead gospel, which in fact is no gospel at all.

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