TSDN – 029 How To Be A Real man?


By the time this podcast episode is published I would be in Jozini, a place located north East of KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa. I will be attending the Regional Church Conference for our Denomination. By the time the podcast is released I would have traveled 462 km, nearly a six hour drive. I would probably be sleeping on the very uncomfortable bed or on the floor, praying hard that Saturday comes so that I can get out of the miserable position, and head home where I shall sleep on my own comfortable bed again.

The theme for the conference is taken from James 1:22 which reads, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” The conference was officially opened last night, Wednesday the 3rd July 2019 and will end on Saturday the 6th. The great part about the conference is that we get to see people we’ve last seen the year before and also we get to meet a lot of people for the first time. Apart from social gathering, we get to hear the preaching of the word. Well sometimes, some preachers will disappoint by not doing a thorough study of the word and so they present incoherent bunch of words that carry no value whatsoever. Some would preach to impress us with their incredible amount of knowledge and I find such a practice to be repulsive and useless. Some would preach out of the fear of God, with one purpose in mind and that is to have the church of God edified.

Now let’s get to the business of today. A few weeks ago, I promised that I would deliver an episode that is entitled, “As high as the heaven is above the earth” but then it occurred to me that in South Africa, July is supposedly a month for men. In that case I just wish to address men. So, today I will speak briefly man to men.

The question I am answering is, How to be a real man?

You have to be a human being

The word man is limited only to human beings. A dog has no chance to become a man.  As much as it is believed by atheist and evolutionists that human beings evolved from apes, it remains the fact that no animal is capable of becoming a human being. Let alone becoming a man. Now that we have established that to become a real man you need to be human, let us move on to next step.

You have to be a male

Like many creatures, human beings are divided into male and female. Not every human being is capable of being a man. You may be a human being but that does not mean you are a man. To be a man you must be a male human being. Let me rephrase, you must be a human being who was born a male.

You have to love and obey God

A real man is the male human being who believes in the existence of God and lives his life to love and to obey the word of God. You are not a real man if you do not believe that a man is created in the image of God. I am persuaded that a human being who denies the existence of God and refuses to submit to His will, has demoted himself into a class lower than that of animals. Animals know who their owners and masters are but a man who does not know God nor obey Him is worse than an angry bear. The Bible says, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God” (Psalm 14:1; 53:1) and this is what it says concerning a fool, “Let a bear robbed of her whelps meet a man, rather than a fool in his folly.” (Proverbs 17:12) Let me clarify: The bible says an atheist at heart is a fool and then it says a fool is far more dangerous that an angry bear whose cubs have been stolen

Take care of your family

A real man looks after his family. He will go high and low to provide for His own. There are lot of male individuals who are not paying child support and yet expect to be considered as man. A real man takes responsibility towards the wellbeing of his own children. He teaches is own children and provide for them.

Check yourself then, these are just basic steps for you to take towards being a real man.

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