TSDN – 016 The Silent Screams


This week I was watching and listening to much content on the subject of child abortion. It is disturbing that there are people who are so deluded as to think that a baby inside a womb is less of a human being than the baby outside the womb. So they go through the extremes of referring to unborn babies as parasites. In their little logic, the baby which is born today is a human being and selfsame baby a day before they are born is a parasite and is a non-human. How stupid this level of thinking could get?

Today on The SpokesDude podcast we are arguing against child abortion and against pedophilia. The point at which human life begins is debated from the biological or scientific point of view.

Another upsetting thing is that Tedx would invite a woman who would come address their audience, presenting a positive approach towards pedophilia. She is trying to normalize pedophilia. Watch Here. It is disturbing to learn that there are women who would stand in public view and advocate for pedophilia. Children in this world are not safe at all.

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