It is absolutely annoying to have a man who have a fully functioning body, with all the limbs and organs being intact, coming over to you, and ask you to give him money. I am not referring to a homeless man. I am talking about a man who has a home and family members. What makes it worse is that the same man will come to you as if he is borrowing the money and he will have it back to you on some day, as if you don’t know that he is lying about you having it back. How would you I possibly know that he is lying, you may ask.  The man is not working, so he couldn’t have a guaranteed check at the end of the week or at the end of the month. What is more infuriating is that, the story that will be told in this fake loan request, describing the purpose of the loan, would be 100% nonsense. So a good 35seconds would be wasted listening to a false story, in a fake attempt to solicit a loan, which would never be paid back.

Forget that the whole exercise is fake. Pay more attention to the real purpose for the exercise. This miserable man wants to use your hard earned cash in order to fulfill his filthy desires. He will take your money and spend it in some dodgy drug dealer’s corner for a single fix of weed. This is the case in many South African townships today. There are miserable men who lounge around the whole day, waiting for those who actually go out to do some hustling, and they wait with a single purpose in mind and that is to try and manipulate the hustlers into giving them money so that they would be high on weed. How pathetic is that? This is the story of the lazy man


The lazy man is a product of the political man. Unlike the false story of the lazy man, the political man tells a very convincing story, which is backed up by statistical facts, which at sometimes cannot be verified but doesn’t care because not many people will check them out anyway. So he goes on to describe the negative feelings which the general public have concerning the current state of affairs. He states how he relates with the feeling of the public and how he is concerned with their wellbeing. He goes on to remind us of how great the struggle we are facing is, and how wonderful the future would be, if we hand him our votes.

Despite the fact that everyone knows that this pitiable bastard is lying through his teeth, he still gets enough votes to gain access to the coffers. You see, the political man knows how to lie. He gives a lot of empty promises, just like the lazy man. The difference between these two men is that, the lazy man gives transparent empty promises, whereas the political man gives decorated empty promises. The lazy man aims for a few coins and notes in your wallet but the political man aims for the Reserve Bank. For perspective’s sake, let me put it this way. The lazy man strains himself for a few drops of water from a tap, the political man seeks to own and control the dam. Such is the case in South Africa.

While political men and women spray the droplets of social grants upon the poor and the old, they have mega pipes pulling galloons of stolen money from the public coffers into their well-established personal reserves.

I feel pity for those who put their trust in politicians. Politicians repeat the same lie every five years and the people believe it over and over again. What is astonishing about politicians is, they are not lazy. They simply put more time and energy into visiting people, giving houses to two or three old ladies, giving a few groceries to a selected few, picking up and kissing a few dirty bacteria infested kids. These acts my dear friends communicate directly into the heart of the people. When they have managed to touch the heart of the people they have won the votes of those people.  


Of all the people in the world, nothing resembles a spit on the face more accurately than the man who claims to be a prophet of the Lord in 2019. These clowns are worse than both, the lazy man and the political man. The men of gold are experts in the field of manipulation and deception.  Unlike the political man whose authority is derived from the votes of the people, the man of gold, derives his from ‘heaven, ’ so he says. The man of gold comes to the people carrying a bible on which he doesn’t believe and proclaims a message for which he bears no conviction. He draws crowds with fantastic words and then pulls out a trick he borrowed from Houdini the magician. The only difference from Houdini’s approach is that the man of gold would give all the credit to Jesus, who has nothing to do with Houdini, except judgment and hellfire.

The ultimate goal that the man of gold has in mind is not to glorify God, but it is to use God’s name in order to enrich himself. He does this by tricking the simple-minded into thinking that he is somebody important. He performs these magic acts which the magician performers would do on TV. We all know that TV magicians are not really magicians, they use tricks and sleight of hand to fool the eye. These man of gold have stooped that low to loot their stupid followers.

One who has made the biggest leap in the art of deception and self-promotion, is one Alph Lukau. The man has claimed to have emptied a hospital ward when he allegedly healed every sick person there. The strange thing is that the footage of that incident shows no doctors and no nurses present in that ward. There was no monitoring equipment and no curtains between the beds. I find that strange in a South African Hospital.

What tops it all in the bag of his schemes, is the recent claim of raising a man from the dead. That incident has gotten South Africans talking. One of the strange things about that man is that he had a phone in his jacket. What raises more suspicion from skeptics like myself is that the man was brought to him already alive. We have therefore no evidence to confirm that the man was already dead.

The woman who informed the pastor that there was a dead man, ‘there is a family outside who is about to take a corpse to Zimbabwe’ my question is, why take the corpse to church on a Sunday Service, when you intend to get it to Zimbabwe? She clearly said that the body began to move the fingers as soon as the hearse got inside the gate of the church. Why was the corpse brought to the church when it was not even the man’s funeral service? That is just abnormal for any African family. I wonder how much Lukau paid these people to lie like this. The funeral parlor which was implicated in this scheme distanced itself by miles and began to file a law suit against the church for having its name involved in this scam. According to the parlor, there was no body brought to them, neither was a coffin bought from them. Only their hearse was hired. What these people don’t know is that the police will get involved and will investigate the case of faking own death, which is a criminal offense in this country.


What the Lazy man, the political man and the man of gold have in common is their desire for money and their devices to avoid honest ways of earning it. All three of them use tactics in order to have people voluntarily give them access to their money. The lazy man aims for your wallet, the political man aims for that national reserves and the man of gold aim for the world’s reserves. While the lazy man keeps the scam in his local area, the political man keeps the scam within the borders of his country and if it happens to spread out, his scam is confined within the political context. The man of gold works internationally and in every corner of financial potential. His scam runs in politics, in religious affairs, in business, in health and wherever he can set foot or stick his rotten fingers. The end goal is money. They all look for money.

Beware, if any healthy and well capable man doesn’t want to work let him starve.

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