The word of God went out in the streets even today

The God who created heaven and earth is a good and merciful God. In His goodness He shows wrath against wickedness. It is therefore my sown duty to announce to the communities, that God is good and because He is good, He will do away with both sin and sinners. Furthermore His goodness and His love allowed us grace. God came down in the person of Jesus Christ and suffered for us, even died as a sinner, though He Himself is holy and have committed no sin. He rose from the dead and forever defeating death, sin and the grave.

Through His out-standing achievement, grace is extended towards us so that we can do what we could not, to approach the throne of God Almighty even to behold His excellent and glorious face. Not only that but we have received power to become the children of God and heirs of Kingdom. That is to say we are joint-heirs with Christ.

I cannot keep these news away from the people, whom God Himself have purchased with the blood of His Son. That is why today I had to walk the streets of informal settlements in Copesville, declaring Jesus Christ who saves

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