The Savior of All Sinners

How gracious the Lord of heaven has been upon me. A reprobate little man, worthy of eternal destruction. A thief and a hopeless liar who manipulated with lying lips and looted the old women of the little money they had. Involved in wicked habits sniffing glue and petrol, talking back at the elderly. How is it that I, at the age of ten I had already known and practiced sexual intercourse with girls my age and have denied it to my peers, pretending to know nothing about sex except what I heard from my friends? I lied cautiously making sure that my lies were accurate, in such a way that I would not be accused of lying, but I couldn’t fool my conscience and I couldn’t fool God.

Looking at how wicked my childhood had been I rest assured that there is no innocent child because sin dwells in the flesh whether we know it or not, as the psalmist puts it “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.” How hopeless and painful is a life in sin. Guilt eating me up like a worm eating a rotting carcase, being very much aware of that I will end up in hell, should I die. What could I have done? How could I have possibly escaped the wrath that is to come upon all them who are dwelling in sin like I was? Church condemned me and offered no hope. Church offered more burdens, so much more that I could not carry. Their ignorant preachers were preaching dry sermons about good works, which was something that couldn’t be found in me. It was possible for a cow to give birth to a human baby than for an ounce of good work be found in me.

I recall the sleepless nights, looking in my dreams, at the earth being destroyed by fire. Seeing all the righteous being take to heaven and I was left behind to burn with the earth. How I woke up and was relieved it was a nightmare, but that nightmare is yet to be true for many in the future that is not very far from today. Who would have known that I would sit here today and warn many of the horrible things that shall follow hereafter. Indeed I shouldn’t be alive, I am as a log pulled out of the flame by a loving Savior.

The grace of God showed me that I was evil, yes, I was evil and that I was destined for hell. I deserved hell. Nothing I did could amount to the cost of getting to heaven. Out of no where a sound of the preacher, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, like a sound of a trumpet He warned against all the sins that I have committed. The word of God, sharper than any two edged sword, pierced through my stony heart… I had no better choice but to lay my whole life at the foot of the cross of Christ and beheld the savior paying my debt suffering in my stead. Nails piercing through his hands and feet, being bruised by that crown of thorns, being ridiculed for me… God smiting his own innocent Son for me, the only sinner on earth, if not, then the chief of all sinners. How in all that pain I had put him through, could he look at me with love and say, “Son, thy sins are forgiven thee” I can with every breath in me call Him Savior, for He saved me. They can call him prophet, they can call Him Son of man and they can call Him son of Mary but I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, yes, my Savior. For upon the cross of Calvary He purchased in full my pardon and paid the price of my adoption. I am forever His.

What is your story dear reader? Have you met this glorious Savior? Hear His voice as He calls out to you as He knocks at the door of your heart to offer you forgiveness, to offer you a gift of eternal life. Say not I “I have nothing to give”. He has already paid your debt accept today His forgiveness, “for while we were yet sinners Christ died for us” Believe and be saved!!

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