We announce that the Run Yourself Crazee Podcast which was scheduled to launch today (09 September 2019) will not be published on the Month of September.

We have a strong desire to produce high quality and rich content. For this reason we have postponed the official launch of the Run Yourself Crazee podcast to Monday November 4, 2019.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvinience caused as a result.



In today’s show, we are looking at:

  • The great plans for The Spokesdude Network
    • There are two New show to be launched before the end of 2019
      • The Bible Cast (TBC)
      • Run Yourself Crazy (RYC)
  • The Spokesdude Branded Items on Teespring
    • We ask you to take a look at our store and support us by purchasing at least one item on the list here
  • The Spokesdude homepage and the need to upgrade our WordPress account in order to help take The Spokesdude Network to a more professional position and attract new visitors.
  • On the 24th episode next week, 30 May 2019 we shall have Samkeliso Zondi as our guest. He shall join The Spokesdude Podcast via Skype be on the look out for TSDN 024

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