So we have finished a whole year since we relaunched The Spokesdude Podcast. After many challenges, the good and bad memories we made it. After 53 weeks of making friends, we have finally come to the final episode of this year. Who knew that we would finish a year.

What I recall about this year is how I made new friends and how I was connected to people I wouldn’t have met had I not gathered the courage to start a podcast. The Spokesdude is listened to by many people across the world. Some they tell me when we meet on the street that they actually listen to The Spokesdude podcast.

This has been an exciting year of my life. It had challenges. There were bad news and death robbed me of my acquaintances. Nevertheless the Lord my God has been gracious and carrying me through the fires and the storms of this life.

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I still can’t find a way to describe the horror I experienced when I saw a video of a tornado plowing through a power station and heading towards my home village on Tuesday. I never thought that there could ever be a tornado of that size anywhere in South Africa.

Needless to say, there were many families who were left homeless. Some were injured and sadly, some had to cross the bridge of death and proceeded over to eternity. My mind is overwhelmed by the things I have seen in just under three days.

Yesterday in Pietermaritzburg, at Campsdrift. This idiotic mini bus driver, drives the mini bus with four passengers onto a low lying bridge which was clearly flooded. The Mini bus was taken away by water. By God’s grace the four passengers were able to escape with their lives.

A Thought

This got me thinking about the fleeting nature of this life. One morning you wake up to this bright and beautiful day, by the time it ends…you are gone. No warning. On the spur of the moment, your soul is required of you.

This is call for each and everyone of us to review our lives. Are we living in light of eternity or we are shortsighted. We are only concerned about the fleeting pleasures of the miserable short life. What are we building? What we have given our lives over to construct, it is of eternal value or it is just a poor pile of rubble?

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Ignorant Kills

In most cases (not all the time) the people who die by floods, would die due to ignorance. They build houses on flood planes and put their lives at risk. Here in Pietermaritzburg, the people municipality is useless. It shouldn’t let people build on such dangerous area.

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