So we have finished a whole year since we relaunched The Spokesdude Podcast. After many challenges, the good and bad memories we made it. After 53 weeks of making friends, we have finally come to the final episode of this year. Who knew that we would finish a year.

What I recall about this year is how I made new friends and how I was connected to people I wouldn’t have met had I not gathered the courage to start a podcast. The Spokesdude is listened to by many people across the world. Some they tell me when we meet on the street that they actually listen to The Spokesdude podcast.

This has been an exciting year of my life. It had challenges. There were bad news and death robbed me of my acquaintances. Nevertheless the Lord my God has been gracious and carrying me through the fires and the storms of this life.

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On today’s Episode we are reminding each other of the lies which go out during the elections period. The politicians are making lots of promises and they are pretending to be fixing the issues the country is facing. Every politician is putting up their best performance to win the heart of gullible voters. I will not fall for all the games played by the political community. I will not vote and this episode I explains as to why.

There is a mention of the video I made which is on YouTube and another which is on Facebook.

There is also a warning on passing people off as judgmental when they are actually correcting a crooked situation.

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