RYC 003 – Come Run With Me

The good thing about road running is that you cannot run out road. There is no running fee that needs to be paid and there are no business hours to mind. You can run on the road as many times as you like and as long as you like. All you have to worry about is safety.

In today’s episode I am running while podcasting. Has anyone done it? Join us today on this heated episode of Run Yourself Crazee.

I started off at a conversation pace and I tried to maintain it so that I would be able to speak. The struggle became real when I got to the 3rd kilometer. Natural my body demanded more pace and I realized I was moving fast when I couldn’t finish my sentences.

Also during this run I give a short lesson on life and the volatile nature of it.

This is how I did on my ultra-slow 4k run

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