No Guts No Glory: How to Build a Youth Ministry that Lasts

By Lungisa Joctrey

The youth ministry is one of the most important department in the modern church. If we get it wrong, we would set hundreds of young people on a pathway to hell and see the church die a slow and painful death. Many churches prefer not to do youth ministry nd the reason for that is, it is not an easy thing to do. While some churches decide to ignore that young people exist, many churches have embarked onto this journey of working with young people but they are failing heavily. Only a select few are succeeding in evangelizing and discipling young people.

The book, No Guts No Glory: How to Build a Youth Ministry that Lasts by Alan Stewart, is so far the most insightful work I have ever read on youth ministry. It gives reasons as to why we are to do youth ministry and how. It also allows us to identify those who qualify to lead young people in the church. This book is a “must have” for all those who want to evangelize young people and also to grow a healthy youth ministry. GET YOURS NOW!!!

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