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Very much often people set up what they call New Year’s Resolutions. I have no idea how this practice began, but I am sure some life hacking “expert” suggested it to hundreds of people who were listening to his “expert” advice. These hundreds of people then spread the word and told their friends, families, and work colleagues about the wonders of setting up New Year’s Resolutions. There is no doubt that in 2017 many people made New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 and again in 2018 resolutions were made for 2019. What is amazing is that most people are very vocal about their resolutions for the new year. They tell everyone they would meet how they are going to get out of debts, quit smoking, get married etc

The question that remains is that, “Do New Years Resolution really work?”  My intention today is to show that New Year’s Resolutions are a scam and many people have been held prisoner by the idea that they have to make a resolution for a particular year in order to achieve a particular milestone in life. Today I am going to attempt to answer five questions:

  1. What are the New Year’s Resolutions?
  2. How did New Years Resolutions begin?
  3. Do they Work?
  4. Why you shouldn’t use New Year’s Resolution?
  5. What should you do instead of New Years Resolutions?


New year’s resolutions are promises which are made by people at the beginning of each year, that they would accomplish certain things in that particular year. Many of these promises are made out of a sincere heart. You would hear one saying,”This year I will pay all my debts and I will quit smoking.” Someone will tell his wife, “This year I promise that I will be a faithful and a caring husband.” or “I promise that I will not touch weed this year.” As I said many of these promises are very sincere. The question is not whether these promises are sincere or not, the question is, will they ever be kept. Are we truly going to see the fulfillment of these  promises? Time does tell.


As I said earlier that I have no idea where, when, and why did the new year’s resolution begin. Which begs the question as to why am I even talking about their origin if I don’t know where this tradition came from. Well, for the sake of my dear lazy friends who only consume what is being said and never bother to go and check if the information is correct. I am putting a link to the source of the information which I am going to talk about.  I stumbled over history.com

Well, according to history.com :

Ancient Babylonians

The tradition of new year’s resolution is very old. This tradition can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians around 4000 years ago. It is said that ancient Babylonians would make promises to their deities whenever a new year began. Their new year was not in January as is the case today. The beginning of the year in January is due to some Roman nonsense which the world couldn’t shake off. It stuck with us like a woman’s lipstick on a shirt of a cheating husband. Okay back to the ancient Babylonians. The Babylonian year began some where around March.

The Babylonians promised their objects of worship that they would return what they have borrowed and also to pay all their debts. It was believed that when one would keep these promises they would be favored by their false gods. I mean come on, who doesn’t know that the Babylonian gods were false.


After Julius Caesar started his nonsense and tempered with the calendar and making the year start in January so the Romans began to celebrate new year’s day and they follow the Babylonian tradition of making promises but this time to Janus the false god after whom January is named. Of course these promises did not come with empty hands. They made a promise while they gave gifts to these false deities.


Sadly, it is very easy for Christians to follow through and perform foreign and unbiblical forms of worship which are inherited from the pagans. Some how Christians, the Methodist in particular, started to do what was known as watch-nights on New Year’s Eve or on New Year’s day. This is where prayers were offered and resolutions made for the New Year.

It is clear according to the History.com that new year’s resolutions have a very strong and undeniable religious origin. This make me wonder if atheist play the new year’s resolutions game considering the source thereof.


New years resolutions never work. It is always up to the person making them to work and keep the promises they have made. Sadly, year after year people think that making a promise would change their bad habit. I have seen many people promising to do better but in the end they fail because deep down in their heart there is no true conviction and no commitment to the promise they have made. Many have promised to quit alcohol but then make no effort to keep away from alcoholic friends or to join alcohol anonymous kind of group in search for help. I have seen people who were able to quit alcohol without any new year’s resolutions but with a made up mind and a commitment to change. Their desire to change was seen in their daily lives until they succeeded. They made physical and evident changes around them. They quit hanging out with wrong friends and they made new friends who would help them reach their desired state of life.


You should not make new years resolutions because they are a waste of time. If you are not making important steps towards changing today, you will not change even on the following  year.  You need to make resolves today and start today to work on what you want to achieve.

There are Christian friends who have not read the bible from cover to cover. They keep postponing. “In January,” they say, ” I will start reading my bible until I finish it in December” January comes and also excuses accompany it. February comes and go. Before you know it, December is upon us and the bible has not been read from cover to cover as was promised. So new year’s resolution makes liars. My advice is if you are committed to read and finish the bible from Genesis to Revelation in 365 days. Start today. If you start in 2019 January 3,  your reading plan will end in 2020 January 2. If you start in May 25, your plan will end the following year on May 24. So stop the nonsense of New Year’s resolutions and save your self sometime. You’ll thank me later.


Instead of wasting your time with new years resolutions, you need to set goals and plan decisively on achieving them. You must want to achieve that goal and the journey to achieving it begins now. You must be prepared to leave your comfort zone and actually get dirty working with your hands or with available tools to achieve what you want. You must set a time frame for you goal. You don’t want to work for the rest of your life and getting nowhere. You must know how long it should take you to work in what you need to achieve. Have a comprehensive plan, with each step clearly defined.

Say your goal is to lose weight, and today is the 3rd of January. You could say something like : “By 3 June, I should have lost 50kg. To achieve this I shall run for 20 minutes every day.  My diet will consist of vegetables only and I will eat meat once a week. I will weigh myself every Wednesday and record my progress. I am starting this afternoon.”

I hope you will quit this bad habit that takes you nowhere, that is, if you are a new year’s resolution kind of person who gains nothing by them.

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