TSD 001 – Child Abortion Is Murder

The Spokes-dude

The Spokedude Episode 1           |        Download/Listen

Since the name of this Podcast Show is The Spokes-dude, I thought it would be a fair thing that on the first episode, I get to speak for various groups of people whose voices are not heard and one group which is on top of my list has those people who are not yet born. Yes, I am pro-life and I intend to speak for the unheard babies that are being brutally killed every single day before they could even see this world.

I am against Child abortion. And I am so grieved by the fact that while people celebrate Human Rights Day each year, they fail to recognize that there is a group of people that have been denied the basic human right and that is, “the right to life.” Some of those children who are killed everyday could have been great individuals who would have had a positive impact in the lives of their contemporaries but some selfish persons decided not to give them a chance.

My strongest opinion on this subject is, child abortion is first degree murder. I don’t care what our constitution says, pregnancy termination is murder and the people who passed the bill in favour of this heinous practice are void of humanity, they are just flat out animals. They are worse than Isis. Isis has killed thousands of people but the abortionists have killed millions of people and that is viewed as okay in our societies. For me there is nothing that could be said which can make child abortion okay. Nothing at all! Not even the rape cases. Anyone who feels that an unborn baby may be killed if deemed necessary, to my best opinion that person is worse than an animal. A hyena is very close to being a saint when compared to that individual.

One doesn’t have to be a biologist to know that a human being is a human being from the very conception. All of the information about him/her is encoded in their DNA upon the hour they are conceived. If a woman would say that she wishes to terminate pregnancy just because it’s her body and that she can do whatever she want with it, then Isis isn’t wrong in shooting and killing those people, it is their own guns, they can shoot whatever or whoever they want to shoot and I’m sure they have reasonable explanation as to why they are killing people.

  • The Marikana shooting in 2012 August 16, which only put down around 47 striking miners, was not wrong if child abortion is right.
  • The 9/11 terrorist attack that claimed the lives of around 2996 people is very much justifiable if child abortion is okay.
  • The Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 April 25, was not that bad. They only killed three people and injured 260.

I say this because, it is reported that in 2008 around 1.21 million and in 2011 some 1.06million abortions were performed in America alone. This beats Hitler’s genocide of around 2 million Jews. Here in South Africa from 2011 to 2013 the known cases of abortions are reported to be a total of around 165 582. The 9/11 attacks, Marikana shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing numbers are nothing compared to the numbers of the children that are being killed before they even come to this world.

So, I am pleading on behalf of these children, give them a chance and afford them that basic human right: The right to life.


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