Leave Mary Bale, the cat-bin-lady alone

borrowed without permission from stuff.co.nz

A video on You Tube has outraged millions of viewers after showing a woman who is now identified as Mary Bale,  who was caught red-handed throwing a cat into a trash can.  A Facebook page has been started based on her unpopular act and hundreds of people are very enraged by this throwing of the cat. Death threats have been issued and the police have been stationed outside her house to protect her. My personal view on this matter is that “I don’t see the point of making a fuss”. The woman had thrown a cat into trash can because the owner couldn’t look after it and she had a right to throw the cat away if she didn’t like it, besides the cat is alive and kicking so leave her alone.

You call her names  but you, yourselves are not saints. Some of you are drug edicts, some  of you a rapists, some of you are thieves, robbers, murderers and some of you are worse than that. So stop being so self righteous as if you don’t kill animals, at least she didn’t  kill the bleeding cat. If there should be someone to blame, start with the owner of the cat. How did the cat managed to get into this lady’s hands? Not a single person in the world is perfect, no matter what their status is, no matter how religious they get to be, the bottom line is they are still not flawless.
If you had never killed a pest, like roaches, flies and rodents then you can talk, however if you had killed at least one pest in your life or even chase it away then we may agree that you are just the same as Mary Bale who in her right was removing a pest from her way..End of Story!!!

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