Jesus Christ is the only Lord and Savior

Dear Friends

I thank God for the grace given you in Christ Jesus. I write yet again just remind everyone of us to live a holy and acceptable life before the LORD of host knowing that our righteousness has been bought with a great price, even the blood of Jesus the Son of God.

Lets us leave behind all the ungodly habits and stick to the love of God who when all had failed gave us a gift of eternal life through faith in His one and only Son whom he did not withhold but gave him up as ransom for our sins and did not only let him die but he also raised him up so that he remains the firstborn from the dead, so that all those who believe in him will also rise on the day of his appearance in glory, since they have been sealed and given as a guarantee the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead and the same shall raise them up when the trumpet sounds .

I am therefore persuaded to never hold my peace but to proclaim to every soul that Jesus Christ is both Lord and savior of my life and since he is never a respecter of persons he is therefore the Lord and savior of all those who trust in His name. We should not be ignorant of the mysteries of God which have been revealed to the sons of men by the Spirit of God who works in us all who believe and whenever we hear His voice we should not harden our hearts as in the day when the children of Israel tested God through unbelief and thus swore by His name that they will never enter into His rest.

We all should understand that salvation is outside religion but is never without Christ. By this I mean that not a single religion in the world can save a soul but only Christ who came from God can save a soul that believe. As the scripture says “No man can lay another foundation apart from that which has been laid which is Christ Jesus” 1 Corinthian 3:11, so there is no other doctrine or system of beliefs that can make anyone acceptable to God except that which God has laid before the foundations of the earth which is His Son Jesus Christ.


Yours in Christ Jesus

Pastor Lungisa Zondi

072 418 2729

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