TSDN – 041 I Went To A Camp

While many South Africans were enjoying the long weekend which occurred and ended right before they got paid, I went to a youth camp, which was organized by the youth of Africa Evangelical Church (AEC), East Rand Circuit.

AEC is a denomination to which I belong and in which I work as a pastor. I am currently based at Edendale Branch which is under Midlands Circuit. I was requested by the East Rand Circuit Youth to come and teach in their Youth Camp. They gave me a topic which said, “A Life Fashioned by the Word

I must admit that I had a wonderful time in that camp. It was a very rewarding experience to take sometime off from the noise of the city and head out to spend time in a camp site

We were at a camp El Olam, which is a Christian camp site. There were activites and games which you’d normally expect in a camp. The word was taught faithfully to those who were present at the camp and the Lord was good.

My greatest highlight in this camp was the hike. I had never been in a guided hike before. This was physically challenging and rewarding at the same time.

The trail started of down hill and then we crossed two streams of water. The latter section of the hike was challenging. We had a very steep hill about 150 meter high. After this hime we had breakfast and drove 2hrs to Durban and we had a wonderful at the beach.

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