I hated it there, That’s why I boss myself now :)

I remember when I used to work at McDonald’s Pietermaritzburg. I would work very hard every week and get very little in return. I was complimented by customers for my great, unchanging attitude and I would get criticized by these very bad managers who have no people’s experience whatsoever. I knew I hated working there but I had to hold on just a little for experience sake. The experience I was looking for was not for working in another restaurant or working for any boss. My aim was to run my very own business. I wanted to boss myself around and write my own cheque. I wanted to be with my family every night and go anywhere I want and never worry about being fired for not pitching for work. I wanted to put everything I have into what was my own and get others to work for me. I was sure I hated working there. When I decided to leave not a single person could stop me because I had made up my mind. I had the upper hand because I had no responsibilities like wife, girlfriend or kids.

I had a dream and I pursued it and finally I am catching it and I won’t let it go. I am now looking to empower others and encourage the South African youth to stop hoping for jobs, if you don’t get a job create your own until the desired opportunity shows up. Write your vision, your goals and objectives and stay focused, aiming at your vision. Don’t be afraid to ask question and spy on your competitors. I tell truth it helps. One example of spying, is to go to your competitors and ask them where they buy their stock and how much it cost and then buy a few thing s from your competition and while you at it observe the service quality and see how you can improve it in your own business. You can search for suppliers who provide high quality but low expense on your products allowing you to provide your customers a quality, friendly, professional service at lower rates than that of your competitors. Make sure that when you pull the price stunt, you will be making profit, after all that is the point of running business besides meeting the needs of your customers.

I am not saying don’t look for work or jobs but I am saying have plan B, if you don’t get that job then do something that’s gonna keep you occupied, otherwise you will get bored and start doing stupid things like drugs, theft, making babies you can’t look after and other silly things that young people do nowadays.

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