He Is No More

A lot of things cannot be truly explained to yield perfect understanding until one gets to experience them. One example is the case where Tom tries to explain the taste of an apple to Johnny who has never eaten an apple, irrespective of all the techniques Tom brings up to explain it, Johnny will never understand how an apple taste like until he takes his first bite.

One thing that no one could explain to me is the feeling that follows the death of a very close brother. I cannot begin to describe how it feels but I know exactly how I feel. I can now relate to those who lost their younger brothers because I know they feel.

Losing my brother is a painful experience but it doesn’t come close to the pain of seeing a person in general who is presented with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ before he or she dies and choose to reject it. It is painful to see a person go to hell even though the price of his or her salvation was paid in full!!

I am compelled even more to stand in front of hell’s gate and point people away from such a horrendous place. My family, neighbors, friends and strangers, all must hear the preaching of the gospel contained in the vessel of my voice! Sins must be exposed, the hearts of men and women must be broken and changed by God’s inspired word. Souls must be pointed to Jesus Christ the Savior.

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