Eastern Cape Missions

    Eastern Cape Mission
    Lungisa Joctrey’s Account
    This is a report on the mission to the Eastern Cape which was undertaken by Gary Stephen Crous and I (Lungisa Nhlakanipho Joctrey) on July 21-22, 2012

    We left Pietermaritzburg on Saturday morning July 22, 2012 at around 7:30. We had church in the vehicle talking about the Lord, his and challenges that we face. We took the R56 route which later joined into N2 and then became “R56 N2.” After 184km, at around 10:30 we made a stop in Kokstad, where we saw a Roman Catholic’s St Patricks Cathedral which in my personal opinion is an abomination. Across the road stands a promising sight the N.G. Kerk (Dutch Reformed) church building. We drove down to what appeared to be a shopping complex in Hope Street and handed out the “Are You Ready” tracts and I preached in isiXhosa (mixed with isiZulu). Thanks to YouVersion for Blackberry, I managed to read from a Xhosa Bible and picked up a few new Xhosa words. My brother Gary had some conversations while I was preaching.

    After spending 2 hours in Kokstad. We picked up some KFC and went back to N2. The road was being repaired, so we had to drive through road-works timed stop/go traffic control. We arrived in time where vehicles from our side were allowed to go. We crossed the KwaZulu Natal/Eastern Cape border line (we knew that because a board said so). We stopped at another timed stop/go traffic control and the locals who live near the N2 in the Eastern Cape were selling some fruits and sweets, we got to hand out tracts to them.

    We drove all the way to Qunu Village, where the former president of South Africa, Mr Nelson Mandela resides, we pulled up at the parking provisioned for visitors outside his house at around 17:00. As we approached the gate, one SAPS official, who was not in the uniform came out to meet us and shook hands with us. We the stated our intention, which was to see and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with former President Nelson Mandela. He said, we are allowed to see him but through an appointment, he advised as to where we can make a booking. We pushed a little hoping to be allowed in at short notice. Gary asked the officer, whose name is Spho, of how many times did Mr Mandela go in anf out of the doctor’s office. The officer replied,”I’ve lost count” and Gary pointed out that, Mr Mandela is 94 years old and his organs are failing and no one knows when Mr Mandela would pass on. “Tomorrow morning” Gary continued, ” what if we hear the news of that Nelson Mandela has passed away, where would he end up if he has not heard the gospel?”

    The officer replied, “I understand and if I had authority I would let you in.” We then gave him six “Are You Ready” tracts, for him and his colleagues and then we gave him one for which we urged him to pass it to former President Nelson Mandela. He promised and did confirm with us that he is in the position to give it to him.

    We then drove in and about Qunu Village to see the people and share the gospel. We met Nelisa who understood English, so Gary shared the gospel with her. We also met Esona and other locals who had trouble with English, so Mr Zondi was suprised when he suddenly was able to speak in isiXhosa and remembering many Xhosa words and his accent was exceptional. GLORY BE UNTO GOD ALONE!!!

    After that, we drove away and we could not find a place to sleep. After a few phone calls, we decided to go to Coffee Bay at Wild Coast. And at 18:30 we headed to the Wild coast which is about 80kms from Qunu. We got there at 20:00. And thanked the Lord for saving us from all the pot-holes, of which some looked like they would swallow the vehicle.

    We drove around Coffee Bay and could not find a place to stay or pitch a tent. We decided to lodge in our “5 Star accommodation” a.k.a “The Seed-Sower” a.k.a Ford Bantam. We parked at some piece of land which looked like a braai area and slept. In the morning we picked up our cameras and started snapping pictures of the beautiful surroundings which we could not imagine at night when we arrived.

    We moved out of Coffee Bay to another part of the Wild Coast, which is known as the “Hole In the Wall” but before we made it to the “Hole in the Wall” we got to meet and preach to two young people. As we drove Gary spotted two teenager kissing and touching in about 150 meters ahead, they saw the vehicle and they parted ways. We pulled up next to the young lady, a 16year old Onele. I spoke to her in isiXhosa, asking her a question, “ucinga uk’ba uzakuyaphi ngelixa uzakubhubha?” meaning, “where do you think you will go when you die?” and she replied by saying, “I don’t know”. I then presented her the gospel, law first and the grace of the Lord Jesus. We moved on and caught up with a young man she was kissing, his name was Unathi and we preached to him the gospel. Also on the way to the “Hole In The Wall” we gave tracts to almost everyone we came across until we have reached our destination.

    All the details, the difficulties we had and the pictures of the Mission to the Eastern Cape, behold, are they not posted in luke923evangelism?

      Point of Note:

      We discovered that many people in the Eastern Cape, from Qunu to Cawa village do not know about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that many young boys and girls are given to adulteries and drunkenness. We pray that the Lord would device means for the gospel to reach these poverty stricken communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ to the glory of God!!!

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      1. Gary Crous says:

        Praise God for allowing us to be of service to Him.

      2. Amen brother!!!

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