Beware of those people who want to get their dirty hands on your hard earned money

The days of annoying door to door sales agents have been improved by annoying telesales agents. The most puzzling thing is where on earth do they get your number, seeing you did not give it to them. The first lie they tell you when they phone you is, “your number has been pre-selected by (x- service provider) for you to receive the (y- model phone) on a (z-contract).” I say they lie because they speak as if you have been approved or qualified for the contract only to find out that your contract has been declined.

Everyone want your money, don’t fall for that “you’re special so we giving you a contract phone” rubbish. They won’t pay for that contract, you will do the paying and if you fail to pay they forget that you’re “special” and they start to phone you demanding their money.

When those telesales agents phone you for anything you don’t need or can’t afford just say, “No Thank you” Now that’s not hard, is it?

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