I still can’t find a way to describe the horror I experienced when I saw a video of a tornado plowing through a power station and heading towards my home village on Tuesday. I never thought that there could ever be a tornado of that size anywhere in South Africa.

Needless to say, there were many families who were left homeless. Some were injured and sadly, some had to cross the bridge of death and proceeded over to eternity. My mind is overwhelmed by the things I have seen in just under three days.

Yesterday in Pietermaritzburg, at Campsdrift. This idiotic mini bus driver, drives the mini bus with four passengers onto a low lying bridge which was clearly flooded. The Mini bus was taken away by water. By God’s grace the four passengers were able to escape with their lives.

A Thought

This got me thinking about the fleeting nature of this life. One morning you wake up to this bright and beautiful day, by the time it ends…you are gone. No warning. On the spur of the moment, your soul is required of you.

This is call for each and everyone of us to review our lives. Are we living in light of eternity or we are shortsighted. We are only concerned about the fleeting pleasures of the miserable short life. What are we building? What we have given our lives over to construct, it is of eternal value or it is just a poor pile of rubble?

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Ignorant Kills

In most cases (not all the time) the people who die by floods, would die due to ignorance. They build houses on flood planes and put their lives at risk. Here in Pietermaritzburg, the people municipality is useless. It shouldn’t let people build on such dangerous area.

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What a brilliant start for this fantastic show. #RunYourselfCrazee has received a warm welcome from most people. I will commit to producing the most useful and quality content for all our subscribers.

After briefly discussing how to start running last week, I thought it best to give you more information about running. Today, I will share with you different types of running. These types of runs are those you need to do when you are either training for a marathon or if you want to be able run faster and to build your’s body’s endurance. I am going to speak about 7 types of running sessions you may consider to do.


This is a run done at a conversational pace. This means this run can be done while having a conversation with another person. If you are doing this run and you are uttering broken sentences or you find yourself gaping for air, it means you are running too fast. When you are doing this run you need to be able to breath easily and be able to talk while running. You should enjoy this easy run.


A progressive run is a run that starts at a conversational pace and then gradually rise to a hardest pace. I usually do this type of running when I am doing long runs like 10k to a half marathon or when I am doing time based training of over an hour long which are classified as longer runs. The progressive run works best if you divide the running session into equal parts, however many they are. I prefer to divide my running session into three parts.

The Warm Up

The first section of the run will be the warm up. This is when I am introducing my body into the running session and also assist my mind to be in the run. Remember last week I emphasize that when running, one should keep their mind in the run and that you can’t run with an empty mind. An easy pace will do well to get the body warmed up while on the go.

Middle Section

Now when the body has finally gotten warm, it is time to raise the pace from conversational to a slightly faster yet comfortable pace. It is good to hold on to that pace or else when you get into the middle of this section, raise the pace slightly. The main idea here is to not get slower. One must hold the pace or get faster.

Going for the kill

In this section, the pace raised until the runner cannot comfortably have a complete conversation. This is the moment where you giving it all your best. No slowing down, no looking back and giving up. This section is a “now or never” moment. It is time to go for a kill. You are getting stronger each mile or kilometer that passes. When you reach the finish lines, you must be at your best pace. Your final kilometer or mile must be registered as the fastest.


A fartlek is a speed game. The word “fartlek” is Swedish and it means speed plays. In a fartlek, you start by warming up. You do an easy pace, or a conversational pace. When you’ve warmed up, pick a land mark. The land mark could be anything, a tree, a lamp post, a pothole, a rock or whatever…

Jog easily to that landmark and when you have reached it pick another landmark in front of you and speed to it and then back down to the conversational pace. Through out this run keep choosing landmarks and speed to them, and then slow down. Repeat as many times as you wish. This is another version of interval sessions.


I sometimes refer to interval runs as “speed reps.” That is the name I got from the Nike Running Club App. This type of running session, involves warming up, and then run at a given pace for 200m, or 400m, 800m, or even 1200m depending on your training and your level of fitness. You then rest for about 90s to about 150s and start again. The Nike Running Club App which I am using to track my running activity and also get automated coaching will tell me how many reps I need to do. Both the interval runs and the fartleks are meant train your body to run faster. They are a form of speed training.


A tempo run, also known as a threshold run is a more challenging running session. It requires a faster and continuous effort. It is best achieved when done on flat roads or on the running track. Since it requires a continuous effort it will be more challenging if one chooses to run onto a hill. The pace will be lowered and thus defeating the very purpose of the run. The pace in the run should be keep steady with very minimum variation. This training session is meant to allow your body to run faster for longer.


The Hill repeats are another form of speed training session. This is when you run uphill as fast as you can for about 30s and then jog slowly or walk down hill by way of recovering. And repeat the process. Do this as many times as you wish.


A long run is any running session that last for an hour or longer. At first it is best to do a time based long run, rather than a distance based. If you aim to run for an hour you will be able to learn how much distance you can do within that hour and the distance you would cover in your first time based long run, would be your long running distance. You can gradually increase your long running distance over the weeks. Take caution that your long running sessions do not exceed 3 hours. Running for more than 3 hours will cause more harm than good.

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The word podcast is short form for Portable-On-Demand-Broadcast. The whole idea is for the consumer to take the message they want to hear and store it on their device so that they can listen to it whenever they want.

Those who grew up in the days before television (1927) and internet (1983), know that radio ((1901) of which the first station was setup on the 2nd of November 1920) played a vital role upon people’s lives. The radio had very interesting, entertaining, yet equally informative shows that ran on it. They also know that if you missed a particular show, you had lost it forever. There were no reruns.

There came audio cassettes in 1962 and were introduced for the first time to a radio a station in 1963. Later in the years, people were able to tape the music they wanted to here from the radio into an audio cassette. This gave them an ability to listen to the music over and over again. A cassette could only hold very little amount of audio.

As technology advanced, today a radio show can be recorded by a listener from a cellphone. The downside is that a listener have to sit through the live radio show in order to record it.

With the growth and fame of the internet and its accessibility, content producers are now able to record a niched down content and make it available to their listeners. That means a person who is interested in podcasting, will not wait for the radio station to air a discusion on podcasting but they can go online and stream or download a podcast episode that provides the content they are looking for.

That is the whole idea of podcasting. It provides a specific content on regular basis, to a specific group of people. Listeners can access the podcast episode online and there is no such thing as “missing the show” in the world of podcasting. The podcast episodes are always there on the internet and can be accessed when needed and can be downloaded from anywhere in the world.


The purpose of today’s episode is to appeal to you my dear listeners/readers to give us content ideas. We seek to know from you, what exactly do you wish to hear from The Spokesdude Podcast. You can let us know by asking questions or by telling us directly what you’d like to hear.

I must lay it before you that we are changing the content strategy of The Spokesdude podcast. We seek to engage with our audience in a more precise and useful way. We want to give a definite answer when we are asked about the nature and content of The Spokesdude Podcast. We are trying to avoid being general. Just like our new podcast the Run Yourself Crazee is for the runners and the sporting community, we want to be specific with The Spokesdude Podcast.

The number one idea so far with regards to a specific niche is a career in Podcasting, Business, and Media production. We want to combine these three and address the podcasting community, which can be both in business and classified as media producers.

Judging by your questions and content ideas, which I am hopeful you will send, we may find ourselves launching new podcasts dealing specifically with the subject of “History,” “Mathematics,” ‘Science,” and other fields of study. You will remember that our aim is to establish a podcasting network, where more people can join us and provide content for other groups of people


I wish to engage the youth of South Africa and introduce podcasting to them. I was very challenged when I saw some video clips of some 8 year old kids interviewing each other on a podcast, using Skype as a medium of communication. I feel the need to get our kids to know that there is a whole new world out there. Instead of getting into drugs and premarital sexual activity, why not use available technology to reach out to the world and earn money without waking up only to tremble at the presence of an employer.

I wish to draw as many content providers as possible as I can to The Spokesdude Network and work with them either to develop their social skills or learn new things from them. Refer to Our Vision.

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Running, a mystery to some, a hobby to some, a career to some and a lifestyle to a select few. It looks easy from the sidelines. And you think to yourself, “I can do this.” Now as a result of this epiphany you go to a sporting department in your nearest shopping center and you get yourself a nice pair of running shoes, sweatpants, a vest, tights, shorts, a hat, sunglasses,  binoculars (even though you have no idea why), a smart watch, a rehydration pack and a pair of wireless Bluetooth headsets. You are about cash out and then you see a sporting magazine with a cover image of a man and a woman running, without hesitation you grab it and throw into your already full shopping cart.

Back at home, you start unpacking your goodies and jump into your newly purchased running gear. Your mirror agrees. You look fantastic. You look like a real runner. You already see your neighbors in your mind envying your gear. They are so going to be jealous of your binoculars. Even more, they will be mad when they see you win the Comrades Marathon down in South Africa. And you are planning to enter and win it.

You are now ready to get into the road and test drive your running shoes. Man! They feel so good on the foot. Your phone is fully charged, the playlist is ready, your smartwatch is on your wrist and the Bluetooth earplugs are in position and paired to your phone. You are set to go. Nothing, I mean nothing at all is going to keep you from running at least 5 km. Those marathon runners won’t see you coming and they won’t see you going. You walk out the gate and then you start the clock on your smartwatch. You start the music and it is an impeccable selection. Perfect for this occasion.

Like a bullet, off you go. If only they could see you now. This feels right. If feels good. The clock reads one minute. The body is heating up now. You notice that you are breathing heavily now. Wait! What is going on? This is not right! The chest feels like a small plastic bag. It feels like it is taking in very little oxygen and then throws the rest out. The clock only says 3 minutes and you have barely ran 500 meters. You think to yourself, “Is this a joke? Wait! Am I dying?” You start feeling pain on your thighs and your knees are getting tired. Five minutes in, you decide to call it quits. You then bow with your hands on your knees until you breathing is recovered. With a crushed ego, a paining body and a destabilized chest you think to yourself, “I should quit eating McDonald’s.”

This happens to a lot of people. I have personally experienced it. This caused me to hate running. I avoided it at all costs. One day, after seven years (give or take), I decided to try again but this time I was not in the hurry. I figured that if I start slow and with shorter distances, eventually, my body will get used to the idea of running and then be able to run longer and perhaps faster.

If you are afraid to start running or you have no idea how to start, this is your lucky day. I am going to give you tips on how to shake off that fear of running and get started. It doesn’t matter how old you are. As long as your legs are working and the doctor allows it, you can get started. So go ahead and gather your friends and family and I will teach you how to “Run Yourself Crazee.”


Running has to be something you want. If it is imposed upon you, you won’t get very far. You need to have something that will serve as an anchor and keep you motivated while you commit to running. I have to lay it before you from the start. Running is not as easy as it looks. You need incredible amounts of self-motivation.

 I decided to start running because I wanted to lose weight. I knew that losing weight would not come by easily. So, knowing my competitive nature, I opted to train for that Marathon which I was not going to enter anyway. With the help of Nike Running Club, (an app that tracks my running and stores my running data) I was able to set up a training plan. All I had to do is follow the plan and never think about losing weight ever. The improvement in my running speeds and my endurance are the motivation factors. I am not just running. I am racing myself. Each time I run, I always to seek to beat my younger self on a given distance. I didn’t have to win by minutes. I only needed a second or two.

Let’s face it I am older today than yesterday. If I ran 5 km in 30 minutes yesterday and today I run it in 31 minutes, then it means the kid beat me and I won’t have it. I will run until I beat the kid. I will never be satisfied until I beat my younger self. Consequently, I am also running to defend my title against the old man, that is to say, against the future me. Can you see now how important it is for me to run? If I lose against the kid, it’s a shame. If I lose to the old man it is also a shame. So I have to beat the kid and then make it hard for the old man to win.

You need to find a way for yourself to stay motivated. The hardest part of any run, is to get into the starting line. Once you start running it is the matter of finishing that run. If you can’t motivate yourself, you will end up avoiding the starting line altogether. You need to find something that will push or drag you into the starting line.

Sometimes I feel the tingling on the top muscles of my thighs and like a junky in need of a fix, I start thinking about running. The body calls for it. This does not happen all the time but it does happen to me.

Once you get yourself into running, you’ll find that it is both painful and enjoyable at the same time. I really don’t know how to properly explain it. When I don’t run I feel like I am missing out. When I am running I sometimes feel great and sometimes I feel like I am going to die. It is always encouraging to have someone to run with you, especially, if it is someone close your heart like your spouse (…if you are married.)

Whatever it takes to get you motivated to run, (…as long as it is not smoking weed, taking drugs and becoming a Jehovah’s Witness) do it.


Don’t worry, this is not a mind over matter session. While the Buddhist monks will tell you to empty your mind, I will personally discourage you from doing that during a running session. When you run, you need 100% of your mind to be alert and focused on that run. If you don’t pay attention to the run you are bound to make a lot of mistakes and probably injure yourself.

Let’s face it running is not easy. The self-motivation we talked about earlier, is not only needed when you want to start running. It is needed during the run and more of it is needed as you approach the finish line. If I had told you to empty your mind, you will probably not make it to the desired finish line.

  • Run Smart

Running smart requires all of your mind to be focused. This means you have to plan your run before you even get to the starting line. You need to establish: What distance are you going to run? Where are you going to run? Is it on the road or on the track? How much time are you planning to spend doing this run? You need to keep these in mind as you run. Which brings us back to my point. You can’t run with an empty mind.

The reason I say you need to know how far you are going to run on a given run is that, each run is different. The way I would do a 5 km run will never be the same as the way I would do a 42 km run. With a long run, I spend much time running slow and then gradually increase the pace, easing in onto a steady comfortable pace which I may hold for the most part of the run.

When I do a 5km run, I start with a slower pace on the first kilometer and then I raise the pace and hold it for three kilometers but that is subject to where I am running. For the final kilometer I labour to either finish very strong and fast or just slow down by way of cooling down. This is determined by how my body feels. Sometimes, previous runs may affect the way I would run the next session.

It is very important to be cognizant of the route you are going to run. You need to know how many “up hills” you are going to face, how many “down hills,” and how many “flat roads” you are going to meet. In that way you will be able to use your energy efficiently and get to enjoy your running sessions a bit more.

  • Rest While Running

This may sound like an oxymoron. Believe me, you can rest while you are running. Maybe the word “rest” is less appropriate. Let me put it this way, you can “recover” while you are running. More often when I am running uphill, I use a lot of energy and I get tired but when I get to the top I don’t stop running, I run slower for a minute or two recovering my breathing and my strength and then pick up the pace again.

It is important to listen to your body when running. Keeping your mind in the run also means to be aware of how your body feels at all times. When running a long distance your body will tell you when to back up a little. You should not get tired at the first 5k while you are in a 20k running session. If you get tired quickly it means you are running too fast and burning a lot of energy. Always pay attention to your body. As you run, focus your mind on your feet and legs, feel them and move up throughout your body. Be cognizant of your arm movements, your breathing and all of your body. You should always feel like you can run the whole distance which you have planned.

  • Refuel and Rehydrate

It is important that you get hydrated. You should drink lots of water before running and it is wise to carry on you a re-hydration system when doing distances longer than 10 km. Your re-hydration pack should consist of water and mineral drinks. Sometimes you may need to carry salt tablets. Many people are not aware of that when one is running they don’t just lose water but they also lose salt, minerals and electrolytes. All these things must be replaced during and after a run.

After finishing the running session it is important to eat food. If you don’t eat, you may find it hard to gain energy to do your every duties. I remember in 2018, when I got serious about running, I use to fall asleep in class. One of my running friends said to me, “You should eat.” He told me that I need to refuel my body. Give your energy through the food you eat. Eat foods which are rich in protein and carbohydrates. Some people believe that carbohydrates will make you fat. I am not a doctor but I know that my body needs carbohydrates in order to manage a long run.

Try eating a banana about 30 minutes before running and also during a run. It is an amazing source of energy. I have proven it in my own runs. A banana is rich in carbohydrates and other things the body needs to stay fit in the course of the whole run.


It is important to use the right gear when running. When I say the right gear I am referring to any sporting gear that is comfortable for you. This mean, what you are wearing must not get in the way and keep you from running effectively. When I a running with a backpack for an example, I never choose a backpack that doesn’t have a way for me to strap it on my belly to ensure that doesn’t violently sway sideways and throw off my balance while I am running. A loose backpack can make you running ridiculously slow and will have you use a lot of energy than you would have if it was strapped to your body.


You need comfortable shoes when running. Make sure that your running shoes fit well and they are not hurting your toes, particularly your big toe. If your running shoes are too tight, they will cause your running session to be very uncomfortable and you might end up hurting your feet very badly. Your running shoes must allow blood to flow through your feet while you are running. Yes, your feet need to stay oxygenated throughout the run. Eliminate anything which will cause your body not to perform well in any given run.


Before I started running I only understood that a cap is for keeping the sun away from your face. When I got into running, my perception with regards the purpose of the cap changed. At first I ran without a cap and I would have trouble keeping the sweat away from my eyes. One day on the sunny afternoon, I ran with my cap on, so that I can keep the sun from hitting my face. I noticed that my sweat was not streaming down my face. It got trapped on the sweatband which is fitted on the inside of the cap. The sweat will then flow over the visor and drop off away from my face and eyes.

GPS Tracking Devices

I always run with my phone strapped to my arm. I do this for two purposes. First, to gain access to my impeccable playlist of my running music. Secondly, I bring my phone so that I can track myself while running and also get feedback from the Nike Running Club app regarding the distance, time and pace I am currently doing on a given running session. This helps to compare runs which are done of the same route for the same distance. I can know if I have broken my initial record time on each route and this give a good picture if need to improve my performance. Some people prefer to use smart watches instead of a smartphone to do the tracking for them.

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Today’s episode is very unusual. Lungisa Joctrey is talking about what is going on with The Spokesdude Network and the events we should be expecting with regards to the company and its offering.

One of the most exciting things we are looking forward to is the launch of the RUN YOURSELF CRAZEE podcast. This a podcast for Runners and everyone interested in physical training, health and fitness.

We are looking for financial support in exchange for services. As little as 20 USD or 29 AUD which translate to 300 ZAR.

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Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are addicted to gambling. They carry this burden with them each and every day. They take their hard earned money and gamble it away. Upon realizing what they have done, they venture into debt trying to make up for the money they have lost. While trying to make ammends, they manage to deceive themselves into thinking that they can win and so they take the money they have borrowed and gamble it away. And this is just a beginning of their miserable life.

Unless intervention is made many will either be killed by illegal loan sharks for failing to pay or they will end their own lives. This is a life one should avoid altogether, should they wish to have a promising life .

Pyramid Schemes

Another financial virus which in a way is illegal, is pyramid schemes. These things were formulated by clever people who wanted to get hold of people’s hard earn money. They offer great earnings or profits without any work involved. They turn their victims into perpetrators of the crime by ordering them to recruit other people with the promise of getting a los of money.

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This week was quite an interesting week from the start. I worked very hard on my garden. It has been a long while since I had put such great effort on working the ground. What I love about garden work is that I get time to think and reflect on life, the bible and other things.

Usually when I work hard or when I am running I always get brilliant ideas the problem is I forget those great ideas the moment I get relaxed. maybe I should carry a pen and every time I do hard work so that when my philosophical genius awakens I would right down everything it reveals

The point of today’s episode is get us realize that work is essential and that we must earn the right to claim any form of payment. We are to work for survival and also for luxury. We attempt to show why work is essential in a human being’s life and that there are consequences which follow the lack of work.

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