Anything Is Possible

When I was a kid, I was afraid of the concept of running a business but at the same time, I never liked to be employed and work for someone else. This was a dilemma. If I were to escape the idea of being employed, I would have to be an employer who owns a business.

I did not want to be an employer because I was afraid of failure. “What if the business fails and could not pay my employees?” To a certain extent, I wanted to be an honorable man who is there for the lives of those who would expect a salary from him. Their families would look to me for survival. I guess the weight of such a responsibility frightened my tender heart.

An Easy Way of Compromise

Somehow I was led to a direction that appeared to have had not much responsibility when seen from a distance. Through my young eye, it seemed to have neither an employee nor an employer. Yet it was well organized and thriving. The church was that place. One of my relatives asked me, “What you wanna be when you grow up? I said, “I wanna be a Pastor.” I have no idea why I said that as a six-year-old? Maybe it is due to the supposed ease of living that I associated with the church. I must have thought that pastors have no problems and that they do not need to worry about being employed or about paying employees.

If anyone told me that I would be a director of my own business in 2019, I would have dismissed them as insane. I mean, in my 1990 mindset, being six years old, there was no such thing as 2019. I got stuck in 1999 when counting the years. I would count and end up saying something absurd like 19-90-10, that is, “nineteen ninety ten.” I knew right then what I was saying was nonsense. Since I did not know that 2000 came after 1999, I subscribed to the idea that the world will end after 1999.

Life Has No Guaranties

For 12 years of my school days, I worked hard towards a medical degree. What happened to the pastoral office? Someone talked me out of it, at least for a short while. When I entered university, it dawned on me that I didn’t want to be a doctor. I wanted to be a pastor.

Years later, I worked at the restaurant. My employer promoted me to a management position. The job made me miserable. I decided to resign and started my own business.

What God has planned will come to pass

I once heard the late Dr Myles Munroe saying there are lots of people who have died without writing the books they were meant to write or doing great stuff they were born to do. I disagree with that statement. No one can avert the purposes of God. If God had laid it down that I shall write a book then I shall do it even on my death bed.

Some people would always purport a a notion that God is a failure. In fact, Kenneth Copeland once uttered those words plainly in this wise: “The biggest failure in the world is God.” This is plain blasphemy. It doesn’t matter how he tried to justify his statement, it remains the fact that he blasphemed against God.

He just undermined the omnipotency and omnisciency of God. He totally displayed deliberate amnesia or plain ignorance of the sovereignty of God. A number of preachers possess in their mental universe a puny idea of God. They have fashioned to themselves a god to their liking, who is under the constrains of the human will.

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