TSD 17 – The Oscar Pistorius Opportunity

TSD 17 – The Oscar Pistorius Opportunity

By Lungisa Joctrey

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I am very concerned about how the people in the government structures of our country treat us as though we are fools. They lie to us as a mother would lie to her children to avoid them finding out as to how babies are brought into this world. What scares me the most is that the vast majority of people are fooled by the “motherly”or “fatherly” facade that is put on by our leaders. Lets be quite frank, we don’t know each other. i might know that there is a Jacob Zuma or a Cyril Ramaphosa, however, they are just one of the many strangers I know about. The amount of information I have about them does not mean I know them and it sure doesn’t mean they know me. These people have no business to tell me how to run my family as I have no business to tell them how to run their own families. We have been fooled to think that some government official or some politian have a magical wand which they would wave over our country and bring about a better change for all. That is flat out nonsense and anyone who believe such, must urgently consult a psychiatrist. Sad enough, I can estimate that 80% of South Africans need the services of a psychiatrist in this regard.


ANC  Women’s League

I’ve just realized the hypocrisies of the ANC Women’s League.  These women pride themselves in fighting vigorously against women abuse yet their track record proves the contrary. I see the ANCWL as a conniving opportunistic entity that doesn’t care about any woman in South Africa. I say they are conniving and opportunistic because they laid in wait, until they found a perfect case which could propel their campaign forward in degrading the morality of our women in the name of  “freedom from domestic violence.” One elephant in the room is the Oscar Pistorius trial and sentencing. Oscar Pistorius was tried in the High Court under the watchful eye of judge Thokozile Masipa (who happens to be a woman.) after he killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The case was heard on public view and the judge’s decision was released again on the view of the public. Since this was a high profile case involving a white man, the ANCWL found a platform to start campaigning for new members. They were walking side by side with Reeva Steenkamp’s mother whom I doubt was even a member of the ANC. This they did as a publicity stunt and they were pretending to be in support of the Steenkamp family, particularly the women in the family.

There are so many cases where women have been victimized through physical abuse and sexual abuse and many of these women were murdered but the ANCWL remained silent. Some of their offenders are walking among us, they  spent not even a day in prison. In Jacob Zuma rape trial, the ANCWL stood for the accused instead of the traumatized and humiliated victim. They did not fight for her rights and they did not demand justice on her behalf. The ANCWL was in the forefront among those who sought the blood of the victim.   I guess she was not woman enough or she was not white enough. Maybe she was not ANC or black enough to be defended by the ANCWL . This women’s organization does not serve women in South Africa but it serves the agendas of the ANC.

Let me come out and be very frank, the ANC hates white people and worse, if they be Afrikaners. Common sense tells me that the Steenkamp family is an Afrikaans speaking family. If my common sense is wrong it is quite obvious that the Steenkamps are white and have nothing to offer to the ANC. The question that arises is, what on earth is the ANCWL doing with the Steenkamp family? The answer is very simple, The ANCWL league is using the spotlight in which the Steenkamp family finds themselves in, as a springboard for their pretentious campaign against women abuse.

It is in South Africa were there is opposition whenever a white man is about to be released from prison, while hundreds of dangerous black criminals who have killed tens of people get a few months in prison and they are released to terrorize the community again and even kill those who were witnesses against them in court. I doubt Pistorius would do such a thing. The minister decided to delay Pistorius’ release to correctional supervision because of the ANCWL’s noise and their noise is not in the interest of justice nor of the Steenkamp family but of publicity. If the ANCWL is really interested in defending women’s rights then we need to see them outside every court house supporting all women who are

They must not hijack other people’s spotlights. They should create their own spotlights and that’s when we would be sure of that they truly rally behind the victims and their families. Oscar Pistorius was very unfortunate in that his tenth month came to women’s month while the attention hungry ANCWL was desperately salivating for an opportunity to get just that.


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But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ;

and the head of the woman is the man;

and the head of Christ is God.
(1 Corinthians 11:3 KJV)


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