TSD 11 – The June 16 Show

TSD 11 – The June 16 Show

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Tomorrow is June 16 and South Africa is going to be busy celebrating what is generally known as Youth Day but I don’t buy that Youth Day garbage, I choose to call this day ANC’s Racial Agenda Day. To my opinion this day is used to remind people of the evils that took place in June 16, 1976 where hundreds of students were killed by the apartheid police as they were protesting against being taught in the Afrikaans language in schools and they were also protesting against the oppressive government of the time.
This day is said to be Youth’s Day but it appears to be another stunt of brain washing the black community into thinking that ANC has set them free from the white oppression and that it has got them freedom. If we can define freedom in its proper sense we will discover that there’s no such thing in South Africa. We may be free from white people’s oppressive ways but we find ourselves being oppressed by a bunch of black criminals who know nothing about running countries. I say they are criminals because they have no shame in stealing our tax money to enrich themselves, and the very youth they claim to be celebrating ends up in prison cells due to that they are unemployed  thanks to the pathetic education system which is ran by people who had never taught in a school in all their lives. These are people who do not care about our youth and evidently they allow laws that would further destroy the youth in this country.

They tell us that our children at age 16 they can have sexual engagements with anyone they choose. Let me remind you, a typical South African 16 year old is not done with school yet. Currently, a 16 year old who has been doing well at school should be doing Grade 11. Then we wonder as to why teenage pregnancy is beginning to be a norm. We get shocked when students are caught having sex in the school premises. The education system is pathetic and is destroying our youth in the name the freedom we do not have. When they see that our children are not doing well at school, what do they do? They propose to lower the pass benchmark showing us that they are only concerned with achieving the higher pass rate at the expense of the quality of our education. These pathetic poor quality school leavers will then be added to the already soaring numbers of under qualified individuals who are good for nothing but to keep producing babies that will require our tax money to feed them. That is brutal truth, take it or leave it.

There are programs on TV that should be banned because they poison the minds and they destroy the moral fibre of our youth. Yet we don’t see that happening. TV programming is encouraging our youth to practice sex, drunkenness and murder…yes I said murder. If you tell a child to have sex and that if she gets pregnant they can terminate the pregnancy at a local clinic, you are not only making your child a whore but you are further qualifying her into a murderer. By God’s standard child abortion is murder and such people who practice this heinous thing will burn in hell unless they repent. What is left for us to do then? It is to cry out to God that he would open the eyes of our fellow South Africans to turn away from trusting this evil government system in the matters pertaining to morality.

Now that I shared my opinion on June 16, it’s time for you to have your say. On The SpokesDude Project group on Facebook, I happened to request you as our listener to either send us a voice note via WhatsApp or make comment on the post I made on the group, telling us as to what June 16 means to you?

Unfortunately I didn’t get any response so I send direct messages to my friends and they were able to assist me. These friends are in the order of appearing: Samkeliso Zondi, Bongumusa Zondi, Kgomotso Ngcobo, Thobeka Hlophe, Slindile Luthuli (whom took off guard) and Thembile Sbusiso Dlomo


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