Just Start Were You Are

Just Start Where You Are (20-03-2015)

By Lungisa Joctrey

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Today’s Show is directed to the youth, but it might equally benefit those of mature disposition as well. I’ve decided to name this episode “Just Start Where You Are.”


Are you a young man or you woman who wants to start either a business or a cause but have no idea how and where to start? Are you looking for work and it seem like no one is willing hire you. I have a few ideas to share with you. These ideas are not one of those stale clichés by motivational speakers, but these are based on experience and I would like to encourage you so that you can pursue your goals and make your life, the lives of your family and community a little bit better.

  1. I am not a multi billionaire, and I certainly do not have tens of thousands of rands or dollars in my bank accounts. I don’t have any academic degree, I have a criminal record and I find it hard to get employment. The reason I find it so hard to get employment is not due to the criminal record but it’s due to the fact that I don’t want to be employed. I want to employ people. That is my goal. With that being said, there is nothing that can keep from working towards that goal except God, because the bottom line is whether you believe in God or not, He gets decide on your life and His purposes will without hindrances prevail.

When I started this podcast I had no money and had no clue what I was doing and I am still clueless but I started it anyway. I had planned to do this when I was in prison because I had known that most companies would not want to work with me due the criminal record. My mind was focusing on that I should work for myself and then as I make progress hire others to work for me. When I went out of prison I didn’t know where to start and how. My laptop was still working and I had Virtual DJ and Fruity Loops installed in it. I decided to start making recordings and I Google searched “podcast” and I found that there are thousands of podcaster and podcasts online. I listened to some of them and I thought to myself “man I want to do this” and there was neither right time nor right place to do it except where I was at that very time. So I went on and recorded my first Podcast Episode which was titled Abortion is Murder. I had planned to launch it on the 1st February 2015 but I ended up starting in January because I knew that if I waited for February I would probably not start at all. Today is March 20 and I am doing my 7th weekly Episode over and above the Sunday Edition Episodes. If I include the Sunday Episodes, this current Episode would be number 13. I am still not making money on this but I am enjoying what I am doing and I am building podcasting/broadcasting experience. My show Episodes will be substantial evidence for potential investors/sponsors or by some strange happening future employers in order to help them make decision whether to work with me or not.

  1. What I would like share with you is, don’t allow your short comings to keep from pursuing what you need to get hold of. Education is important, as misguided as it comes, you need it if you want to be employed and earn very good money in South Africa. But if you don’t care about being employed formal education is not that necessary. What you need is an idea, and opportunity or a system that works. You don’t have to passionate about an idea what you need to be passionate about is business. Strive by all means to get business education, whether formal or informal. I get my education from the internet and I quite happy with that. I may not get a certificate on business studies but i get knowledge that I can apply on my business on daily basis. I know my weakness, if I would sit behind a desk to study, I would not gain much because my focus would be to study for a test instead of studying to gain knowledge.

I am one of those people who never read instruction manuals. I read it when I need it for a specific subject and after that I’m done with it. You see, I am not a technical fundi but I have sorted out a few issues that I had with my computers and my Smartphones without spending a dime on technicians. I simply make a Google search on the error message the computer or the phone is giving and I would find a diagnosis and a solution. If it is a matter that requires a technician I would know what the problem is before I go to him and thereafter go to the technician for a quote. That would also help me to save money, when a technician would name things that are not wrong with my device and make me pay for them, as is sometimes the case if you are ignorant.

What I am trying to tell you here is, just because you don’t have funds to get an education it is no excuse for you to just sit around and do nothing. Libraries nowadays have internet café which are accessed free of charge. Go there and make a search for whatever, anything that might be of value.


  1. Forget the government. If you are waiting for the government to create six million jobs, by the time that happens, your currently four year old niece and her peers would be much qualified then to take those jobs and you will still be jobless, not to mention old and irrelevant. I say, start now. Look around at your neighbourhood, what opportunities are there? What can you do for your community and earn some money? Look for opportunities that will allow you to provide jobs for the next generation and for many more after it. Voting does not guarantee you a job, if it does you would have long been employed. To say that six million will be created is just a marketing stunt. They know that we have been brainwashed to expect job opportunities instead of business opportunities. They know that we have been brainwashed to be government dependent instead being financially independent. They make all these promises in order to have you sign your powers over to them so they gain access to state funds and other benefits, steal what they can and forget all about you until that time again when they need your vote. They would sing the same song over and over again and because you’re too stupid, you will believe the same lie and fall for it over and over again, reliving a vicious cycle of lies and manipulation with no way to get out unless you wake up and smell the coffee. The government isn’t just the bunch of well fed men that make promises they won’t keep, the government is you working together with your neighbours to improve your lives and the lives of those around you. When you walk or drive around keep your eyes opened, keep your ears opened, and be always on the lookout for opportunities. When you find them don’t wait, just cease the moment and run with it before someone else does.



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