Month: December 2012

The Terms of Peace

When there is enmity between two parties and one discovers that he cannot afford to wage war against the other, he would then send a mediator to negotiate the terms of peace. The terms of peace will be the layout of conditions to which the weaker party must subscribe, in order to avoid war or …

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God Hate sinners

At about 17:50, today, the 11th of December 2012, I went to my garden just to look at how it is doing. While I was observing that beauty and the growth of the vegetables that I have planted there, I realized that they were growing according to my will and to my satisfaction. My joy …

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Highly Exalted Him

The Lord Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary, the very centre of attention, controversy and contradiction for ages. The stone that the builders rejected have become the chief cornerstone. He is the only foundation upon which the church is built. Jesus Christ whom Herod wanted to kill at his birth, it is he whom …

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